Our New Home —MAV

One year ago this weekend we packed up our little apartment, closed down our storage unit and moved ourselves, our cats and our stuff into our home.

The year has gone by quickly. Too quickly, actually. But I want to take a moment to remember this first year.

Our home has been a place where I have cooked, peacefully, for myself, my friends and family. A place where I’ve made messes. A place where I have welcomed a new nephew while teaching his older brother how to make his first batch of waffles and chocolate chip cookies (with pink sprinkles!).

Our home has seen all sides of me … the good, the bad and the ugly. Our home has seen me dance, laugh and cry. Our home has seen me truly at rest.

Our home has kept us warm and chilled us to the bone. Our home has seen us come up with some of our best and worst ideas yet. Our home has watched us create, for ourselves and for others, morning, noon and night. Our home has helped us pause to see how lucky we are.

I hope I continue to remember as I move into the second year here in our special home.

All photographs were taken during the first few days in our home.