The Beach, Just in Time —MAV

Tuesday I got locked out of my apartment on my way to meet some friends for an evening swim. I was in a hurry and voilà: locked door, no flat key, no car key. Jeez, MAV.

Lucky for me my neighbor was around and could help me figure out a way to get in.

Yes! Keys in hand I was on my way to the beach with no time to spare … it was 7 pm and I was flying.

Arrived and the beautiful older woman at the drive thru desk said:
“You know you have to be out by 8 pm.”
“I know but I just have to get in there!”
“Yes. You do.”

And off I went speeding down the road and hoping to find my friends still lounging.

They were. Success!

The sand was welcoming and warm, the water glistened with sunset tones and the moon was out at half-mast. I passed up the wine and food my friends offered and went straight to feel the water in preparation for our swim.

Warm. Wavy. Waiting for me. Waiting for you.