It Must Be Autumn —MAV

This week I …

… wore a full-sized scarf (all be it a light one).
… ate four apples (one with honey and bacon bits smothered on it).

… started getting tight sinuses in my head (going to start my daily neti pot usage directly).
… roasted a squash (a pretty bright orange one).
… saw the sky on fire (never thought I’d see a sunset like that in Brooklyn).

… attended an opera at the Met (I usually go with my parents at this time of year but since we had gone in the Spring I was on my own; loved it as ever).
… added a quilt to the bed (my in-between-seasons bedding consists of one medium weight quilt and one light quilt).
… thought a pumpkin was cute (well, it was).

… looked at my calendar and thought, ‘I had better start thinking about the holidays’ (my parents will be happy to read this).
… had a runny nose while walking home from dinner late one night (I have a very bad habit of using my sleeve to dab at my nose; working on that).
… attended a beautiful farm meal where maple spice cupcakes were served (and where all of these photographs were taken).

It must be Autumn!

Some peeks into my view of 3191Q, Autumn next week!