Hot Infused Water —SCB

This winter I noticed a really bad habit of mine re-emerging: not drinking enough water. I would find myself drinking coffee all day long, with only a sip or two of water here and there. I drink my coffee black, so this was not about craving sweet or creamy; it was about craving something hot (the caffeine is part of it too, but I don’t have this problem in the warmer months).

Of course, these winter days spent indoors in artificial heat fighting the various viruses my kids are bringing home, I need to stay hydrated. Enter infused hot water, it has really saved me! I have been adding citrus and herbs to boiling water and drinking several glasses a day. I cook with lemon juice often, so I just save the rind in a jar to add to my water later (this really appeals to my frugal, waste not/want not side). Because I am a huge grapefruit fan, a thin slice of ruby red is one of favorite additions to infusions. Fresh herbs are fantastic as well—I typically use rosemary, mint or thyme as those are the ones I have on hand for cooking.

When I sit down to work, I try to prep a big pitcher of hot infused water to keep by my side. (if I finish that off, I allow myself a cup of coffee, ha!) What I don’t finish can be put in the fridge and consumed cold later on.

Here’s to hydration and staying warm.