Transitioning to Autumn —SCB


I am still eating salads for lunch, but soon I will switch to soups and warm bowls. All kinds of subtle shifts and changes that come with fall have been nosing their way in this week. I feel grateful and ready for them.


I spent much of the week in Maine with MAV which is always a treat. While we have perfected the art of long-distance collaboration, the moments we spend 0 miles apart are when the new ideas and directions emerge. We are very excited about what we have planned for 2015!


I came home with a smock from her newest collection (more smocks coming soon!—sign up on our mailing list at the top of the page), and have worn it three of the four days since. As you fellow B&U smock-lovers know, nothing beats the comfort and versatility of this garment!


And now, I find myself settling in to the new rhythms of the seasons, on solid footing after a few weeks of uneasiness. I wave goodbye to my daughter each school morning before the sun even rises, I pull out stacks of wool blankets, treat myself to new socks, and think about all I want to share in this space in the coming months. Happy fall.