Furoshiki —SCB

I have been taken with the Japanese art of wrapping in cloth called furoshiki ever since I saw this post over at {frolic!}. I have had fun trying out all the techniques with scarves, napkins, linen towels and pieces of scrap fabric. This week I wanted to share how to make the simple shoulder bag because it is so easy to remember and is handy when you’ve forgotten a bag, but do have a scarf on hand (depending on the weight of your scarf, it should be sturdy enough to bring home a small parcel of groceries).

Spread out your scarf and place the items in the center (this was my snack of bread, cheese, apple and tea).

Tie two corners together in a square knot, leaving one long tail and one short tail.

Do the same with the opposite corners.

Tie the long handles together to form a handle.

Ta-da! One minute shoulder bag! A silk scarf would make a lovely evening bag.