Summer Essentials 2013 —MAV

It’s shop update day here at 3191! I started my day with my coffee and SCB’s towel to wipe up my mess (sometimes my coffee spills over; oops). I love love love my beautiful hand-sewn linen … you can get yours here along with a lot of other wonderful new goodies.

Three cheers for our shop and three cheers for you! Thank you for supporting us!

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I wanted to write a bit more about my Summer Essentials this week to expand upon my last few summer posts. Here are some of my favorites. Let me know yours! (mav{at}

TANKS - Contrary to some jabs by my mom and dad about Maine’s chilly temps, it does get hot in Maine! Tanks are a must. The middle tank is UZI from a few years ago and the one on the right is one of mine. I can’t remember where I got the striped one but I have had it for 5 summers!

SANDALS - It’s either sneakers or sandals for me in the summer. My sneaker choice this year is Vans (last year it was Keds but they have become uncomfortable to my foot for some reason). My sandals are Henry Cuir reds (this is the flattest pair I own and usually worn for dressy ocassions; flat is a challenge for my feet) + Tatami Birkenstock pinks + Fernand custom suedes (I got my first pair of Fernands at 17 and have had a pair every summer since).

COTTON - It’s really important when leaving the house on any Maine evening that you throw a cotton sweater in your bag. The evenings can get chilly! My favorites here, moving counter clockwise from the green one) are a combination of thrifted goodies (old LL Bean score) + Loft + Wood Wood + Vanishing Elephant.

STRIPES - I get regular emails asking me for my favorite stripes and here are just a few … from left to right: Edith A Miller (be forewarned: these shrink! size up bigtime) + Saint James (always a good investment; I have had this red one for 4 years) + my own Beauty & Use striped Smock (hint hint … this might be coming out in a new colorway soon) + Lemlem.

LOTIONS & POTIONS - I change up a few of my “beauty” (hilarious; can’t believe I am using that word!) routines in the summer. My favorite products on hand are: Farmaesthetics Remedy Oil + lavender and chamomile essentials oils (all very soothing when you get too much sun or feel dried out) + Kiss My Face (love this spray on sunscreen; use it all over and even on my face!) + Aesop Geranium (a splurge that you won’t regret, especially in the summer) + Bumble & Bumble Semisumo (love putting this just on the ends of my hair to give it that “I just took a swim in the ocean and I haven’t a care in the world” look … I’ve searched long and hard and love this product … but don’t use too much! It can be heavy on some hair types so you only need a little).

Happy Summer, pals!