A Year of Mornings —SCB

To celebrate our offering signed copies of A Year of Mornings in our holiday shop, I decided to sit down with a cup of coffee and my own copy.

I remember the giddy, surprised feeling of our second day of our project when we both posted these images of eggs in bowls. We never spoke beforehand about taking photos. We didn’t talk about the project much at all. We let the images tell and create the story which I think is what makes it so special. It is all about serendipity.

Over the years since A Year of Mornings was published, I have been a part of so many wonderful interactions with folks who were affected by the book and the concept of the project. Many have told me they received it from a friend or family member living far away who wanted to connect over the distance. It makes me especially happy how it seems to transcend age and gender and specific interests and appeal to so many.

Every now and again I will flip to the current calendar week and see what MAV and I were up to. I see whether she had snow in Maine yet or if the trees had lost their leaves. For me, there’s a personal intimacy in the photos—my daughter’s braid or my son’s toy left behind, but I think it’s a common intimacy that we can all share. Childhood, everyday life, dirty dishes, folded piles and sleeping pets.

I hope you will have fun visiting our holiday shop. Do think of a way to connect with someone across the miles. You won’t regret it.