A Visit to Cranbrook in Michigan —MAV


We have now sent our final issue of 3191 Quarterly to the printer. Sob! I’m feeling super bummed about not creating our magazine anymore but at the same time excited to move on and share with you in new ways. More on that soon!

These film photographs from a summer adventure did not make it into Q16.


Some of you may recognize this place? It’s Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It is a place I had only dreamed about (living on the other side of the state my whole life) but got a chance to visit, quickly, this past July. What a spot! I was so in love.


We took the Saarinen House tour and walked through the Art Museum. We only had a few hours but so wished we had had more time. We will try to visit again next summer if we can.


Since it was summer, the grounds were quiet and completely mellow. We poked around walking into various beautiful old buildings getting a real feel for the place.


The historic design sense on campus was just stunning. I felt nostalgic for the 20’s and 30’s, a time when artists were given money, and trust, to create environments and architecture. I wish we saw more of that today.


Cranbrook is a beautiful place and it was a day I will remember for some time to come.