My Summer Essentials —MAV

My Summer Essentials: pretty much stays the same every year.

Let’s start with what you would find in my bag …
~ a linen towel (Never know when you might swim or sit on damp grass with a cool drink.)
~ a water bottle (If you think I drink tons of water in other seasons summer has me drinking like a mad woman.)
~ sunscreen (I’m a real stickler for SPF 30.)
~ sunglasses (Always.)
~ a little camera (Always.)
~ a notebook (Summer is when I think of my best ideas so I have to be on the ready at all times.)

Beyond the bag my Summer Essentials include …

~ fruit (I really don’t eat fruit in the winter or even spring but in the summer it’s all I can think about morning, noon and night.)

~ my nephews (Always love them more than anything ever {as of two weeks ago I now have two!} but in the summer we can play outside … life doesn’t get much better.)

~ swimming in ponds (Can’t get enough swimming and I’m a real sucker for ponds … don’t even mind the murk!)

~ stripes and patterns (I’m not usually one for a lot of pattern but in the summer I like to mix it up. This year in particular I have definitely been feeling the mash-up.)

~ sunsets (Come on now. What else can be said?)

I wish you a wonderful mid-Summer, friends. See you back here very soon.

: : :

Please note: We are now on Summer Holiday. We will be back August 12, 2011. When we return look for some exciting news including a new look for 3191 Miles Apart, new collaborations and an update on the return of our beloved publication ‘3191 Quarterly’. See you in August!