MAV’s Packing Tips —MAV

Hi! I missed being in this space. Glad to be back. Funny enough, however, while we were on holiday here, I was not on holiday in my day to day life. I have had a really busy few weeks! Working on 3191 Quarterly No. 12 (coming August 9th!), hosting friends and family in Maine, working in my new shop, planning a big birthday party, dealing with a back injury (ouch) … the list goes on. I’m glad to have made it through these last weeks with my sanity.

So, while SCB and I are coming back from our holiday here, I am finally heading out on a holiday myself for a week. Bring it on!

When I pack for a trip I really take my time. My biggest concern is over-packing. I feel very easily overwhelmed and that is not the way I want to feel on a trip. I prefer to take a skeleton crew of my very favorite pieces and layers. I think everything out the night before I leave. I only take things I can wear more than once. Here were some of my thoughts this time around …

Up top: One tip I always tell my friends is—Bring neutral sweaters. I just think it works better to have sweaters on hand that you can throw on with anything else in your bag. This time I brought three light cotton pieces that are very versatile. I also wore one more on the plane.

I always try to pack one dressy dress when going on a multiple day trip. You just never know when you are going to be asked out to a nice dinner and you might need to snazz it up! Best not to leave anything to chance. This time, I went with a simple black silk favorite and then threw in two simple sundresses for day to day wearing.

I debated on tops this time around. It’s going to be warm where I am going but not sweltering (thank goodness). I didn’t want to take too many tanks. I decided on two tanks and two short sleeves. I made sure all four pieces layer well and chose, again, two neutrals. Another tip—Always be sure to include a few pops of color in your bag when you travel. This tank you see here is my favorite summer pop right now.

I always, always, take stripes but the question is, which ones? I am testing out my new Smock in red stripes (note: this red stripe Smock No. 13 will be the very LAST one I make and will be in the shop, with other Beauty & Use goodies, on August 9th; there are still a few Smock No. 11’s left too) so I knew that had to go. And, I went with two of my other most favorite stripes. These seemed to pair well with my summer vibe so they were calling to me.

One of my biggest packing tips—Bring your favorite things. I like to have the pieces I am wearing all the time along with me on any trip. I know I will miss them if I go on the trip without them! In this case, it was again, Smocks. The More & Co. Smocks and my old Italian shirting Beauty & Use Smock. So, so, so great for summer layering (if I do say so myself).

Lastly, and somewhat controversially, I threw in two of my favorite beach blankets/towels. I’m not going to the beach every day on this trip but when I do (hopefully at least a few times), I really want to have a beautiful blanket to lounge on with me. I’m a visual person! What can I say? Sure, I could take one of my parents bathroom towels and throw it down in the sand but why not make it a bit more fun if I can? These made my bag just a little heavier (they are actually very light) but they will make me smile and that is worth the extra bit of weight.

Next week I’ll give you a report on my trip. Lake Michigan, here I come!