Christmas 2012 —MAV

A few snapshots of the last few holiday days here. Some of our favorite traditions … a Christmas Eve beach walk, our Christmas Day open house with friends and family … and some new traditions … my nephews over at our house for pre-Christmas Eve sugar-cookie-making, a quiet Christmas Day evening by the candles with an old movie playing. We have had very beautiful holidays so far and hope you have as well.

: : :

Before we sign off for the year (we are off from this space next week, returning on January 11th - meantime you can follow us on Instagram) I wanted to mention, as per SCB and my tradition here, a few of my new years resolutions:

* Giving - I want to give some of my time for something more meaningful. I will find a volunteer opportunity this year … I think with the elderly since I love older folks so much. I can’t wait!

* Resting - Work hard, play hard & rest hard, relax hard. I need more balance in 2013 and resting, sitting, relaxing, lazing … these are of utmost importance since I have the work hard and play hard thing down! Balance. A key word for me moving into the new year.

* Walking - I love to walk but admittedly ran out of time most days this year. In 2013 I am making a goal of 30-minutes of walking five times a week. I won’t be keeping track per se but I will be committing myself to do it. This commitment will be like a mantra in the back of my head and that tends to help me stay on track!

* Cooking - It’s time for me to get serious. It’s all fine and good that I can make a batch of cookies but what about a roast or leg of lamb?! I promise that I will challenge myself in the kitchen this year. I will try to be more organized and more thrifty and I will share my stories with you along the way.

I wish you all a very happy new year and can’t wait to see you here again in 2013. Cheers to you all! xo