Summer’s End —MAV

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This past week I have felt many things.
I have felt as if I was …

… the most anxious person in the world about summer ending.

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… the luckiest friend in the world getting to talk to two of my besties on the phone in one week.

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… the most chilled out person in the world siting for hours on end doing nothing … absolutely nothing.

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… the most confused person in the world seeing how we treat each other in our day to day goings on (I mean, honking at each other, really? And how about people be a whole lot nicer to hosts in restaurants? Do you really think it’s their fault that you have to wait 30 minutes for a table?).

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… the most overjoyed and proud aunt in the world seeing my oldest nephew about to turn 6 and start kindergarten.

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… the most accident prone person in the world as I keep tripping on things, banging my knees and scraping up my hands. What in the world?

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… the luckiest everyday photo-taker in the world because SCB and I get to share our work with you here and in print (!) in the Quarterly. This last week I shot five rolls of film that will be sifted through and edited down for our upcoming issue, No. 16. Right now we are offering all three of the 2014 issues of Quarterly at a special “set” price of just $36. This is a limited offer so grab it while you can.

What will this week’s feelings bring? We’ll see …