0 Miles Apart 2013 —SCB

This week I have traveled 3191 miles and am enjoying some time in Maine with MAV as we readied the shop with new collections and Issue No. 10 of 3191 Quarterly. It is always such a treat to get to spend time across a table from MAV. Our days are full of work, but one of the many things I love about MAV is that she keeps me well fed—breakfasts at home, dinners out and treats and hot coffee from all her favorite spots.

I also love the amazing winter light in Maine.

I came with a suitcase full of bunnies and found items, and loved being able to stock the shelves at our 3191 headquarters myself (and so much has already flown off the shelves and is shipping out today!).

Along with our personal collections and our Found Collection, we have two new tote designs in the shop, and I am really excited about them! They both are silkscreened with illustrations by Christopher David Ryan that really evoke the feel of our two Portlands.

I am happiest when I am among the trees, and our Grocery Tote No. 2 is my new favorite bag. We have carried this grocery tote size before, and I think you will love the big square bottom that stands up on its own. You can really fill this one with a lot of groceries, library books or even pack it full for a weekend away.

Our mini tote features a charming cityscape and is a great little size to carry along a craft or knitting project, your lunch, or simply use it as a purse (it’s a perfect size for a little one too—toddlers love to tote things around).

Time just flew by this week, and it is already, sadly, the day for me to head back home. I will miss you, MAV!