No-sew Fringed Scarf —SCB

Today, on the first day of spring, I wanted to share how to make a simple cotton scarf, perfect for this seasonal transition. It requires no sewing and no special equipment or skills. I first had the idea to make a scarf like this for my daughter when she kept asking to borrow mine. Now she has one of her own, and when she leaves it behind on the playground, we’ll be able to make more.

You’ll need a loose-weave cotton fabric that does not have a right side and a wrong side—these are often ginghams or plaids. Sometimes these fabrics are called ‘homespuns’ or ‘quilter’s cottons’. A lightweight linen would work as well.

For my nine-year-old daughter’s scarf, I bought only a yard (just $3.00 in the sale section), so that I could make a 36′ square. For myself, I would probably buy a yard and a quarter, so that I could create a 44′ square (the fabric is 44-45 inches wide).

I measured out my square and trimmed the fabric on all sides with fabric scissors. This was easy to do by following the lines of the plaid.

Now to create the fringe! Gently pull each thread from the edges of the fabric until you have a fringe the desired length. I found that picking each thread up with a pin or needle in the center was the most effective. Depending on the weave of your fabric, this can be tedious work. It took me about an hour while I watched a movie.

Once, you fringe all four sides, your scarf is done (and you’re probably covered in lots of threads). Wrap it around your neck and go look for some signs of spring. It makes for a mighty nice place to sit and make daisy chains too…