Thanksgiving 2013 —SCB

For the first time ever, we celebrated Thanksgiving with just our family of four (even two days after my son was born, I had a houseful of people over), and it was simple and relaxing and intimate. I loved having the whole day to just cook and eat with short breaks for games and walks and movies. I missed my extended family, but this quiet day was something I truly needed.

Among the many things for which I am grateful is this space, and you all, and MAV who has been my partner and counterpoint at 3191 for nearly seven years now, always pushing and encouraging me, always filling in the gaps I can not fill, always supporting me from those 3191 miles away.

Today is a BIG day at by3191. I have a added a small and special Holiday Collection to the shop. MAV’s newest collection is calling to me with all it’s greys and blues and new shapes and lengths. And we are trying something new! We are featuring collaborations with makers from our own Northeast and Northwest regions. What better way to start than with our good friends Jen Judd-McGee and Melissa Frantz? We have coasters from Jen (you can see my own set I have from Jen in one of my Thanksgiving photos) and these sashiko pillows from Melissa. Melissa helps me with sewing production on some of my collections, and I love what she created for us—a muted palate with graphic details in the softest cotton—each pillow one-of-a-kind. I kept one of these for myself and can attest that they are easily washable. My pillow feels at home in any room in my house. So happy to share this all with you!