Branch Weaving —MAV

I have been so excited to try the Stephanie’s Branch Weaving project from the new issue of 3191 Quarterly (note: 3191 Quarterly, Issue No. 8 releases in our shop in one week; subscribers should have theirs already or in the coming week or so) and finally got the chance this week. It was so fun and I love the results! Above you can see the very first one I made. I’m going to make a new one this weekend and will show you that soon.

I love working on things like this in a group. So Evan, our beloved creative assistant here at 3191, and Chloe, our beloved creative assistant at More & Co., and I sat down with our branches (from the beach) and some yarn and got to work!

Evan’s is still “in work” as she had to dash. I can’t wait to see what she’ll add in next and I love this rounded branch style.

I decided to keep mine lose with an organic look/feel. It was my first one so there were some little inconsistencies (as always when you’re learning) so the lose nature helps to hide those as well. I think this one will be going to my oldest nephew, Miles, for his 4th birthday which is coming up very soon. He can use it as a “flag” or as a “wand” … I can just see him marching around with it as the band leader!

And Chloe wove hers tight with a beautiful pattern. It’s so special!

I don’t think I say it here enough but I wanted to take a moment to thank Stephanie for her hard work, creativity and her inspiration. She gives us all so much! I can’t wait for you to get your hands on your issues of Q8 so you too can play with her Branch Weaving project. As ever we’d love to see what you make. Email us your creations at hello(at)3191milesapart(dot)com.