In Love With This Week —MAV

This week I’m in love with ……………

~ Bright Colors On Paper {above} (I’m not one to wear bright colors but I seem to be getting more and more into including them in my work. I guess it’s my version of the red lipstick that seems to be so hot these days.)

~ Jump Rope (I can’t get enough of the jumping and getting my heart rate up. Now if I can just work on doing it in pumps and a skirt!)

~ Graham Crackers, Plain (Love Mi-Del. They are the perfect mix of sweet & savory. Going to try to make my own very soon.)

~ Scotch (Watching his morning routine makes me really happy — It goes like this: get up, eat, watch birds in the window, watch me making breakfast, watch birds again, nap. So funny!)

~ Ricotta On Toast With Honey (Best snack ever!)