Favorite Christmas Ornaments —MAV

I love these early holiday days. As I did last year I have now traveled to the Midwest to spend some time with my parents and that is where I am writing to you from today.

As usual I arrived to find my parents house all decked out and beautifully cozy, my mom’s Santa collection out on the mantle as well as the stockings hung with care. I am comforted by the fact that I always find these things here.

Another comforting tradition in their home is a fresh green Christmas tree filled with special ornaments. Some have been around for 35+ years!

I don’t have an ornament collection myself. I have a few vintage glass balls from my Grandma A. and a few little pieces given to me by my mom over the years but it’s nothing like what I find here at my parents house.

I pulled some of my favorites off the tree to show you today. These are the ones I remember from my childhood.

Each with its own personality, its own story. Some very delicate and others not as much as they bear the marks of the years.

I am so glad to be here. To have these days with my parents … these quiet holiday days. We turn the lamps out in the evening and chit-chat (otherwise known as gossip) and sit by the tree which is full of memories. Our memories. During this busy season it is these moments that I am grateful to have the time to notice and appreciate. And I am grateful to be able to share them with you.