Hike at Eagle Creek —SCB


Happy New Year!

When I last posted here, I shared some resolutions (be outside every day, drink/be around more water, read). Truth be told, I am not off to a stellar start. There were more days than not when I failed at all three. However, I am a firm believer that every day is a new year’s day.

This week, I was thinking about this hike I took at Eagle Creek in the early fall and thought I’d share some photos here. MAV and I just finished up work on 3191 Quarterly Issue No. 13 which has the theme Out & About. For me, being out and about is often focused on the natural world, but we also share visits with friends and family, travel, exploration and how we bring the outside world into our own homes (and you’ll still find recipes…food and drink are important parts of our lives!).

We are very excited about this new issue. We hope you’ll share our excitement and enjoy the new look and visually-focused feel. Each of this year’s issues focuses on a theme, so it is our hope that you’ll subscribe and receive all four issues to appreciate the full balance. We have worked hard to make 3191Q more affordable this year while remaining totally free of advertising and proudly printed in the USA.

Your opportunity to subscribe will end on February 16th, after that issues will only be sold individually, and you’ll have missed the opportunity to have them shipped to you for free. If you subscribe soon, you’ll receive Issue No. 13 before it is offered in the shop—subscribers receive a special PDF download with every release as well. Thanks for letting me share all this info with you again—I didn’t want anyone to miss out on the subscriber opportunity.

Now, off to get out and about!

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