Getting Through the Dark Days of December —SCB

It’s been a dark and dreary week here in Oregon. Record-breaking rains, coupled by approaching the shortest days of the year, had me feeling pretty grim. This week, I thought I’d revisit some of my tried-and-true tricks for getting through the dark days of December. I know I need the reminder.

Get outside. This, I believe, is the most important. I know, I know. It’s wet (really wet). It’s cold. But you need to find the right gear and get out there every day. Look up, look down, breathe some fresh air. It’s about more than just getting some exercise, it’s about being a part of the world and seeing your place in it.

After you’ve been outside, bring some inside. Besides having a fresh tree and greenery (I keep my greenery up through January), I love to bring in fresh flowers and forced bulbs like paper whites.

Citrus! Lemons, limes, mandarins, but most of all, grapefruit. It’s like a little piece of sunshine, plus our bodies could really use the extra Vitamin C.

Add a little sparkle and brightness to your wardrobe. For a little unexpected glam, I added silver leather elbow patches to a favorite cozy wool cardigan. I also bought some electric blue tights to perk up my otherwise gray and navy wardrobe. A little bit of flair can go a long way to lightening your mood.

Wishing everyone a merry and bright December!