Behind the Scenes at the Made By Hand Shoot —MAV

One year ago this week, Stephanie and I were in Brooklyn together working on Lena Corwin’s amazing new book, Made By Hand. (I can’t believe it was one year ago. Seems like both yesterday and ages ago all at the same time!)

We were so honored when Lena asked us to photograph her second book. It was really wonderful to be a part of Lena’s vision and style … we just love and respect her and her ideas so much! It was a dream project.

Lena sent Stephanie and I all of the incredible projects/materials from the book and we actually integrated them into our own worlds. We did quite a bit of the photography in our own homes and environments, and will share much more of those photographs with you in the coming weeks and months. It was a tremendous undertaking and one we really savored!

Today, a tribute to one year ago when we were all together, our incredible little team, working on the “how-to images,” as we liked to call them. It was a great week of long days on set, beautiful people and amazing food. I photographed 3 rolls of film in the course of 5 days … “behind-the-scenes” so to speak. I have much to share.

You can read more about Lena’s new book here. One Note — We are hoping to offer the book to you in our own by3191 shop very soon. Our copies will come with a special surprise! Stay tuned.

Special thanks to beautiful Lena for believing in us and the way we like to do things. Special thanks to our guy RTS for his awesome assistance and for the amazing video he created. Special thanks to everyone who was one set that week. We loved meeting you and hope our paths cross again soon!