Cold Brew —SCB

I have pretty straightforward tastes when it comes to coffee. I like it hot. I like it unsweetened and black. I like it dark and rich and preferably brewed in my french press at home. Also? I like it immediately upon wakening.

Aside from the occasional cappuccino when I’m out (which is as much about the artistry of the barista as anything), I don’t really mess around with coffee. However, this week when Portland (like much of the US) was hit with a heat wave, I thought I’d give iced coffee another try—specifically, cold brewed coffee.

I know there are all kinds of contraptions for making cold brew, but they’re really not necessary. I followed this recipe in The New York Times (my first batch was not nearly enough for the two of us, so I will always double or triple it from now on). I passed the grounds through my Chemex to filter (Chemex filters are extra dense, so I only strained it once). Easy peasy.

Over ice, cold brew is great for coffee drinkers who prefer it black, unlike chilled hot-brewed coffee, it is not at all bitter or watered-down, but smooth and robust and easy-drinking (it would be great with milk too, if you’re so inclined). A new summer favorite. Stay cool, everybody.