Mason Jar To-Go Cup —SCB

My kids have a lot of ideas. Most are pretty far-fetched which is great—I want them to think big. Some, however, are downright practical like this mason jar to-go cup idea that Mia had. I was rushing her to finish a smoothie so we could get in the car when she mused that it would be great if she could just stick a straw through a lid and take it with her without worrying about spilling.

Brilliant, practical and easy to accomplish. I chose one of the plastic lids that we found in the canning section of the market. A metal lid would probably work as well (with a little sanding after the drilling, perhaps?). I chose a 1/4 inch drill bit which fits the paper straws we use perfectly. I drilled through the center of the underside of the lid. Actually, I drilled from the top first which created a jagged hole, so drill from the underside!

We filled our new cups with honey lemonade and took them outside. Don’t some things just taste better through a straw?