Favorite Podcasts —SCB


Happy September all!

We have just returned from a quick road trip—an end of summer hurrah. Two days of driving down to the California coast, one day celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary with family in beautiful Bodega Bay, and two days driving back home to Oregon.

We passed the time by enjoying the stunning scenery and the occasional roadside attraction along with a steady stream of podcasts. Here are a few of our family favorites. Happy travels!

This American Life: Longtime favorite, of course. I listen to the 24-hour stream of episodes while I work, so I can be surprised by old favorite episodes.

Radio Lab: Science and storytelling.We have loved listening to Radio Lab as a family since it began. (They do a great job of giving you a heads up if stories might be too intense for kids, so you can skip ahead.) Our all-time favorite episode is Colors.

Star Talk: We have a family crush on Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Spilled Milk: I love that this podcast showcases my friend Molly‘s silly side. (And, yes, she’s wearing one of MAV’s Beauty & Use tops in that caramel corn photo on the site.)

Wits: Comedians and musicians getting silly.

The Moth: Only when I’m prepared to cry.

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