Thanksgiving 2014 —SCB

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We had a mellow and restful Thanksgiving in Portland West. I roasted my very first whole turkey with great success (and we have since had turkey noodle soup and turkey tacos), and kept things relatively simple. I feel like the quiet of the last few days is setting the tone for the rest of 2014, although we are now ready for some merriment and celebrations!


As MAV and I also ready ourselves to transition out of our shop and into our next 3191 endeavors, I want to be sure you are aware that December will be the last month to buy 3191 Quarterlies! We have sweet packaged sets of this year’s issues, individual copies (at just $12 each!!), and digital downloads from years past. Sets make great gifts for your own faraway friend or send a signed copy of A Year of Mornings, the book that started it all. Cheers!