3191Q Issue No. 15 —MAV


What I Did On My Mid-Summer Vacation
by MAV

Well, let’s see …

I became obsessed with Sherlock (I still am!). I wore a lot of monochromatic outfits. I lost my very favorite pair of sunglasses by leaving them on top of the car while driving away. I tried to double back to find them but they were gone—too sad.


I went on a road-trip to Detroit, Bloomington, Chicago and Lake Michigan. I had at least one hundred amazing conversations on that trip and came back with my head full of new ideas. I saw old friends who gave me great advice and who reminded me that even though time passes, and we don’t see each other that often, our love is still so strong.

I made a few fruit cobblers, ate a ton of cucumbers and started craving late summer pie (planning to make one soon and share with you my favorite crust recipe which I got from a dear friend).


I watched my oldest nephew lose his first tooth and my youngest nephew start using the “poddy.” I celebrated a little bestie’s first birthday. I developed a dozen rolls of film and dropped off even more.

I drank too much rosé and swore I would switch back to red as soon as possible.

I went on a short holiday with my family and badly skinned my knee twice, in the same spot, within a matter of days. I went to Blue Hill and North Haven, both here in Maine, for the first time. I had a tick for the first time.


I made my first batch of popsicles and made plans to try a new recipe for the next few weeks (will be reporting my results). I found myself continuously humming Steve Winwoods, “Higher Love.” I still am.

I had terrible allergies, had a hard time sleeping and bought new walking shoes. I stayed in a beautiful house where the hosts had linen sheets (my first time sleeping in them) and then went on to splurge on a set for my own bed. Life changing.


I took some time off from all work and experienced days where I didn’t even know what time it was (bliss). I put on 5 pounds (oops). I lived and died by Supergoop. I gave a ton of hugs. I was amazed by so many things.

I saw my grandparents old house for the first time in decades. I had the best blueberry tart I’ve ever had in my life. I tried Mezcal and churros for the first time (where have I been?) and loved them.

And, more on the topic, Stephanie and I finished the newest issue of the Quarterly which is now in the shop! As we draw closer to the end of our Quarterly year (the last issue is out in a few months) I am starting to feel very sad. I always do. We hope you will enjoy this issue. It’s a special one! But then again, I say that about all of them.

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We’re back after a few great weeks away! See you next week in this space and every day on Instagram. Missed ya! xo