One Year of by3191 —MAV

One year ago this month Stephanie and I opened our shop. It was a project we had thought about for a long time but always felt not quite sure.

We were not sure about putting more “stuff” out into the universe.

We were not sure people would even care!

We were not sure we could keep up with all of our other 3191 projects and take care of a shop that would require an honest investment of time and creativity.

We were not sure who would do all of the work!

But, despite everything we were not sure about, here we are, one year later, preparing our new Collections to release and somehow, we do feel sure! You have been a HUGE part of what has made us so sure. You have told us that you like what we are doing, not just with your purchases, but with your supportive emails and blog posts not to mention the photographs you have sent in for our 3191 Album. You have told us by mentioning on our Instagram photos that you “can’t wait” to see what we have in store for you next. You have told us by sharing our enthusiasm for what our shop is all about:

Buy well-made. Buy thoughtfully. Buy what you love.

We will have two new Collections up on May 17th, one from myself and one from Stephanie. We will also have a new issue of our 3191 Quarterly. In many ways, we are moving into a new chapter here at 3191 (in some ways we can’t quite share with you yet) and we are so excited to have you along for the ride.

So, happy shop birthday to our hard-working team here at 3191 (Stephanie, Evan, Chloe and Dee: xo!) and to those of you who have enjoyed looking at our beloved Collections over the last year. I promise, the best is yet to come!

Note: A heads up! Our mailing list is the first to know when our shop is stocked. You can sign up right here.