3191Q Issue No. 14 —MAV


Goodbye, May! Hello, 3191 Quarterly, Issue No. 14!

Our shop is stocked with the final springtime shop update. We hope you will take a look and we thank you. And here, some photographs of some of my favorite pages in the new issue of Quarterly.

5.30.14.M2 5.30.14.M3 5.30.14.M4 5.30.14.M5

This is our Home + Work issue so when you buy these pages you will own a little photo album of these aspects of our lives. You will come along to work with us and settle into the quiet spaces in our homes. I find this issue very relaxing. Maybe it will help inspire you to look at or even just photograph your home/work in a new way? Or maybe it’s just nice to have a peek into our worlds? Either way, we put a lot of love into these pages and we really enjoying sharing them with you.


One cost savings note — We are now selling Q13 + Q14 as a set for $26 so you can save a few bucks when you order them this way. You will find that option on both the Quarterly 13 and Quarterly 14 listings in the shop! We love sharing a good deal with you! xo