A Warren of Bunnies —SCB


Hi, hi! I added a whole warren of bunnies to the shop!


As always, these bunnies are all handcrafted by me from cotton, linen and naturally-tanned leather and stuffed with 100% wool. They are a special keepsake to give to a little one or display at home.


I love this particular collection because the bunnies are almost entirely constructed from fabric remnants from MAV’s past clothing collections. MAV searches high and low for the very best in natural fibers (many of them organic), and I am thrilled to put all the bits and pieces to good use (and you could get yourself a bunny to match your grey linen cap sleeve top!)


Each one comes packaged ready for gift-giving.


I do love making these little guys. Thanks so much for your interest and support.


We updated Found items as well. Included is a cookie jar just like my own. I suggest you fill it with Camping Cookies.


Of note: we recently added a shop all area to by3191, so you can more easily see everything we currently have in stock. Hope that helps!