Seeing Rainbows —SCB


I spotted this rainbow on my son as we headed out the door this morning, and it inspired me to share some ROYGBIV with you today.


RED: MAV’s instructions for eating a radish.


ORANGE: Juicing citrus and making some simple syrup in preparation for Winter Light Cocktails this evening (the recipe from Michele Graham is in 3191Q Issue No. 13).


YELLOW: Current read.


GREEN: My plants are in need of some care. Revisiting this book.


BLUE/INDIGO/VIOLET: My favorite end of the spectrum, represented well here in our photos on the back of 3191Q Issue No. 13. We now have individual copies available in the shop. We are very proud that we have been able to make the issues even more affordable this year while still printing in the USA! If you’d like to save even more by receiving free shipping for the year, we have just a few subscriptions slots left, send an email to orders {at}, and we’ll set you up!