3191Q Issue No. 13 —MAV


Our new issue of 3191 Quarterly is now available in the shop. Hurray!

Subscribers have been enjoying the new issue for about a month now (Note – we have a few spots left for subscribers if you are still interested — email orders(at)3191milesapart.com) and we have received some really lovely and supportive emails about our new format and content. Thank you!

What I love the most about this new year is our focus on the photographs. It’s what we do best! SCB’s everyday photographs next to mine. I still love to see the relationship between our images. Each issue will have a balance of all seasons included as well. I love that too. It’s nice to be reminded of summer in the middle of winter or the other way around.

2.28.14.M2 2.28.14.M3 2.28.14.M4 2.28.14.M5 2.28.14.M6

We hope you will enjoy this new issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. As ever we thank you for your support. xo!