Spring Colors —SCB

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You know I love my blues and grays and neutrals, but I find myself thinking in spring colors this week! Maybe it is MAV’s newest collection? I found a few of those of those fabrics for her, and I love seeing how she re-imagined them as tops and scarves. Or maybe it is my new Bonne Maison socks from More & Co in the best Easter-egg colors (socks are how I am comfortable wearing color!). Or the vintage handknit sweater my daughter insisted I bring home from the thrift store. Or maybe it’s just that Portland West is awash in pink and petals this week. In any case, I’m feeling it.


We have some color left in our first Found Collection of the year too! I would take these woven napkins on a picnic!


And, finally, we have one more spring surprise for you!!! I had so much fun following the directions for these fabric origami butterflies in Made By Hand, that I made a whole flight of them (using scraps from MAV’s past collections!). From now on, every purchase of Made By Hand will come wrapped with an origami butterfly to get your inspiration flowing. Great gift for Mom’s Day!