Beauty & Use Collection No. 9 —MAV

4.25.14.M1 4.25.14.M

My second, and last for this season, spring collection is now in the shop! Beauty & Use Nine is here! I have four special pieces … up top is my newest design. Green, stripes, linen, short sleeve … a MAV favorite.

4.25.14.M2 4.25.14.M3

Golden yellow, flowing, woven, cotton, v-neck … this goldenrod top is a beauty!


Pink and white like frosting, soft, draping, pop of color … I really do love this pink scarf!

4.25.14.M4 4.25.14.M5

Silk, soft, simple green stripe, breezy … this tank top is the crown jewel of the collection.


And, thanks to our own Chloe, each piece comes wrapped in hand-painted wrapping paper! This paper can be saved and reused or even hung on the wall as an art piece. Yay!

: : :

Thank you for looking at my new collection. As ever, each piece is carefully handcut and handsewn, with love, right here in Maine. I will have my first summer collection out in June. Stay tuned! xo