Outtakes from 3191Q Issue No. 13 —SCB


I’m sharing some outtakes from 3191Q Issue No. 13 today to give you just a little taste of what’s to come. Hope you enjoy!

The first issue of 3191 Quarterly should be in our hands (and those of subscribers) very soon! You still have some time to subscribe, but after February 16th, issues will only be sold as individual copies. Our new year of 3191Q will feel both familiar and new. We are focusing on giving you image-rich issues culling primarily from the rolls and rolls of film MAV and I shoot year-round. While you’ll find recipes in every issue—each issue has a particular focus. Issue No. 13 is Out & About. Subscribing for the entire year will give you the full balance of the 3191 experience, or purchase individual issues that suit you! Find out more about subscriptions and our Quarterly year here.

ps: MAV and I have been quite busy this month, not just getting this issue into your hands, but working on a big side project as well. In fact, we will be 0 Miles Apart for a full week starting tomorrow!! I am so excited by all the things we are working on, but I also look forward to getting back to the rhythm of daily life, my kitchen and studio. I hope to have many new tastes, images and ideas to share in this space in the coming weeks!

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