Fog Linen Collaboration —MAV


Today a very exciting collaboration announcement — This month Stephanie and I took some photographs for our friend Yumiko at Fog Linen Work! We are the featured photographers of the month on her website right now. So exciting!! Note – If you refresh the page you will see all of our diptychs.

You may know Fog Linen Work (and if you don’t, you should!) and we have been longtime fans. I carry the line in my own shop, More & Co., and the Fog Linen pieces are always among the longest lasting in SCB and my kitchens.

4.11.14.M2 4.11.14.M3 4.11.14.M4

The featured products in our photographs are:
+ Tablecloth
+ Scarf
+ Blanket
+ Socks
+ Apron

4.11.14.M5 4.11.14.M6 4.11.14.M7

Thank you to Yumiko for always inspiring us with your beautiful linen goods. xoxo

: : :

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